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About Course:

The Mindful Plus course

This course teaches skills for mental wellbeing including mindfulness meditation.

There are 6 classes of 2 hours that include sitting mindfulness exercises (on a chair) and some learning about the mind. The course includes a workbook that you can use to enhance the process of learning mindful plus.

There is also 17 audio exercises that you can access via your phone, iPad or laptop. The groups can vary in size, but generally there is a maximum of 10. These are class style groups, so you are not expected to disclose personal information. If you prefer you can do this course individually or as a pair, maybe with a friend or a partner. Whatever you choose, there will be some support and guidance for you individually.

Mindful Plus has five main parts:

These are Mindfulness Meditation, Acceptance, Thoughts, Present Moment, and Life Nav.

These five processes all have specific skills that combine together to create a powerful way of dealing with our emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, reactions, responses and life choices. This course is not just meditation. There is a strong emphasis on 'everyday mindfulness' skills.

Mindfulness meditation This is a formal practice sitting in chairs where we learn to direct our awareness & attention on various aspects of our experience, which starts with the breathing.

Acceptance Here we learn a different way to deal with unwanted and difficult thoughts & feelings.

Thoughts This part we learn to take a "step back" from difficult thoughts & "the mind". You learn to "unhook" from our evaluating mind.

Present Moment Here we learn to consciously connect with our here & now experience. We learn to switch off the "autopilot" & turn on our conscious awareness.

Life Nav In this part we learn to use the Mindful Plus skills to help us do more of what matters to us.

We learn to connect with what we value & move towards behaviors that give us meaning & vitality. 

The course includes a workbook that helps you week by week and it helps you to focus on specific issues you may want to work on.

This course is based on the new approach to human suffering that is gathering momentum in mental health and psychology. Research in neuroscience and psychology show how mindfulness can not only change the structure and function of the brain, but also change the way we relate to our minds.

This course teaches basic Mindfulness Meditation which is the most common method of learning mindfulness. However, you will also learn mindfulness without meditation. It teaches simple mindfulness skills for people to use in their everyday life. 

Who is the Course for? This Course is suitable for most adults aged 18 and above. Nearly everyone would benefit from doing this course and many will gain skills that will be useful for their specific issues, such as anxiety or worry for example. This course is not designed to replace Psychotherapy or Counselling, and not recommended for people who are currently experiencing an episode of clinically diagnosed depression, anxiety or other psychiatric illness. However, if you have mild to moderate problems like depression and anxiety, then this course could be suitable. If your not sure about suitability then start by filling out the application form on the contact page. The course requires an ability to sit still for periods of time and listen and understand instructions (guided meditation). Also necessary is that you are able to practise mindfulness exercises in your own time at home. These are pre-recorded audio files that use audio voice instructions. It is important that you can practise these for about 10 to 30 minutes a day, or 1 to 3 hours a week. With Mindfulness, occasionally some people experience an increase in difficult emotions initially as they become more aware of their emotions and because they are learning to pay attention to them. The course can help you with this as it teaches you skills to handle difficult emotions. Some limited psychological support is available if required by phone or e-mail.

Questions and queries

Phone 07917 385 855

Course Content

NOW Available Online!

  • 6 Week Course (2 hour classes)
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Acceptance Skills
  • Present Moment Skills
  • Skills for the Mind & Thinking
  • Life Choice Skills
  • Mindful Plus Workbook
  • Audio recordings for practise
  • (On PC, iPad or Mobile)

Fee - £199 per person (In groups)

              £159 Online ZOOM

           £299 per person (1 on 1)

              £259 Online ZOOM

          £275 per person (2 to 1)

              £239 Online ZOOM

Venue:  Online only at present