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6 Week Mindfulness Course Now available online Via ZOOM

   Learn Mindfulness & other skills to increase Vitality & Wellbeing  

Mindful Plus

Mindful Plus can reduce many struggles with emotional & psychological pain, it can also help you become more psychologically present, increase calm & peacefulness and increase wellbeing & vitality.

Mindful Plus is an 6 week course (2 Hour classes) designed for almost anyone who wants to gain the many benefits of Mindfulness. Its designed for anyone and easy to learn compared with other mindfulness courses.

Mindful Plus teaches evidence-based psychological processes that have many benefits and are helpful for common issues like stress, anxiety and mild depression.

Mindful Plus is a course that teaches mindfulness and other psychological skills to transform our emotional pain, connect with ourselves, do more of what matters to us, and live a life with more vitality.

The course aims to change the way we handle psychological pain and the way we relate to our mind. Through these techniques and skills we can gain a sense of freedom from our overthinking minds, and break free from the struggle with our difficult emotions.

This course emphasizes that despite our frantic world and our emotional & psychological pain there is a different way to deal with them. This mindfulness-based secular approach is becoming a popular way to deal with our human psychological distress.

Mindful Plus is flexible and wide ranging in its purpose and function . So you may just want a bit more calm in your self, or you may want to address anxiety or difficult emotions you have.You may want to make changes in life but emotions are holding you back. Mindful Plus can help you with these and is designed to be broad in scope and flexible for you individually.


Mindfulness means bringing your attention to your life in a particular way that is open, curious and non-judgemental. Meditation is the most common method of learning mindfulness. This involves sitting down quietly, closing your eyes and focusing your attention on your breathing, body sensations and other aspects of your internal experience. Mindful Plus begins with meditation then moves on to other psychological skills. Many of these skills are quick and simple that can be used in your everyday lives. This is different from other mindfulness courses because it breaks down the processes of mindfulness into easy to learn skills. 

Mindfulness is NOT:                         

Going into a trance                             

A relaxation technique                       

Positive thinking                                 

Trying to blank out your mind

Helpful for:

  • Mild Depression/sadness
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Anger
  • Physical Pain
  • Addictions
  • Overeating
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Performance

Course Fee:

£199 per person (In groups)

      £159 Online ZOOM

£299 per person (1 to 1)

      £259 Online ZOOM

£275 per person (2 to 1)

      £239 Online ZOOM

Next course starts:

Venue: Online only at present


07917 385 855

[email protected]